Press Release Regarding 2018

For Immediate Release

San Francisco, CA May 2, 2017


Friends and supporters,

I will not seek election to the US House in California’s 12th District (San Francisco) for 2018. This was a hard decision, however my personal/family life at this time does not have room for the massive undertaking of running for Congress.

What we did together last year was historic. Starting from nothing, we won more votes in our contest with Pelosi than any other opponent she's faced in her 30 year career.

And I do believe, because of our work, that 2018 is a great year to take on one of the wealthiest and most powerful establishment candidates once again.

Pelosi has continued to embrace the status quo while the nation clamors for change. She ignores the needs of regular Americans and uses her great wealth and enormous power over the Democrat Party to bolster the broken political system for her own personal gain. I believe this is a year when voters will move, en masse, to elect progressives across the country and a big part of me wants very much to be one of those candidates.

But family must come first. And at this time, for personal reasons, I cannot be the candidate.

While I will not run for office in 2018, I am not retreating from the field of battle. I keep 2020 open for candidacy, and I will work with progressive leaders here in California to find ways to win elections.

Saving our nation from these corrupt politicians, defeating the flowing tide of right wing lunacy, upending the deep seated corruption in the Dem Party, perhaps starting a functional, progressive third party, and taking back our Congress to defend the rights, economic security, and liberty of the 99.99% of us who can’t afford to bribe politicians is as important now as it ever has been.

For 2018, I will be supporting Stephen Jaffe for Congress in California's 12th District. Stephen is a decades-long resident of San Francisco, a trial attorney who has fought for worker’s rights against multi-national corporations, and someone who I know personally from our work supporting Bernie Sanders in 2016. I have met with Stephen to discuss this race, and I know he will carry the banner well, fighting for issues we care about including single payer health care, getting money out of politics, and ending the permanent wars overseas.  

I may not be running for Congress, but I am very much in this fight for the future of our nation. I’m glad to have had your support in the past, and hope we can continue together into the future. 

With deep gratitude,

And in continued solidarity, 

Preston Picus