Why Democrats Can't Be Trusted To End Bribery

The most dangerous fate for any major issue in this nation is to fall into the political arena where it will be subject to over-simplification, perversion by sound-byte and finally destroyed by the relentless barrage of empty metaphors and incessantly repeated half-truths shouted by talking faces claiming to represent our best interests. 

While this happens frequently, nowhere is this destruction by Republican/Democrat politicization more dangerous than in the realm of ending corruption.

The Republicans have publicly embraced bribes. They call them campaign finance donations, and their platform since 2012 has been to get rid of campaign contribution limits all together so that the bribes can get bigger and bigger. 

For this reason, many groups working to end the corruption of campaign contributions have looked to the Democrats for a solution. Democrats at least say that they are for more regulation of bribery.

However, this is another nasty version of politicization of an important issue. At the end of the day: both parties take huge bribes at an alarming rate and in a way that is destroying our country. The Democrats are every bit as guilty as the Republicans on this one. Both corrupt parties get their power from the 0.01% of Americans that fund our elections. 

Two party politics in the United States is dependent on you, the voter, choosing the lesser of these two evils. Both parties are corrupt, both parties are bankrupting our nation, but they bank on their ability to scare you, the voter, with the vision of a world in which the other party is in charge of everything.

In the 2014 election cycle both corrupt parties raised almost a billion dollars, with the Democrats raising a bit more. And while the Democrats pretend to argue for campaign finance reform, it is obvious that they don’t consider large campaign contributions to be bribes – they "easily outpaced Republicans in Super Pac fundraising” in 2014.

The Democrats may have gotten good at pretending they care about limiting the corrupting effect of money in politics, but that doesn’t mean they actually want to change a system which gives them so much power. 

The only reason anybody is talking about stopping the bribery is because so many of US are sick of it. Voting Democrat is just about as bad as voting Republican. 

Vote independent, vote small money, vote anti-corruption. 

Vote Picus.