We all know that Republicans don't care about us. Let's stop pretending Democrats do.

Here's an amazing statistic: In 2014 only 14% of Americans approved of Congress and yet Congresspeople were reelected 96.4% of the time.  

This shows that something is seriously wrong with our system.  When we all agree that congress is doing a bad job, but at the same time continue to vote for the representatives who have been a part of this broken system, we need to take a look at what's going on. 

Why do we continue to reelect bad leaders? 

Let's start with the obvious: The lesser of two evils.  You know this one well.  The Republicans and Democrats play this trick very well with voters.  They scare you into thinking "If I don't vote for the Democrat, the Republican is going to win and if Republicans win then very soon we will have bibles in the place of science textbooks, women's bodies will be under constant surveillance, anybody who isn't white will be stomped on and poor people will be executed for being losers." 

This puts voters in the position of choosing the lesser of two evils: Both Democrats and Republicans are bad, but the Democrats seem less bad. 

We have to put this kind of thinking behind us.  I'm an independent.  I'm a progressive.  I will fight for all adult citizens to be afforded the same rights regardless of class, race, sex, sexual orientation or any other characteristic. I will fight for a woman's right to choose, equal rights in marriage, sensible immigration reform, increased mental health care for those suffering, tighter regulation of Wall Street and a drastic decrease in the number of wars we get ourselves into. 

You don't have to vote for a Democrat who's going to pretend to do those things.  You can vote for a Progressive Independent who will. 

And I'm just one of quite a few running.  But you have to vote for us in the primaries.  If you don't vote in June then you will be back to the lesser of two evils in November.

Vote in June or an unpopular, unproductive congress will again reward itself with jobs it doesn't deserve doing work they are not very good at doing.