The March Toward Fascism

The right is getting scary. And it’s to be expected.

Our economy is in the tank, our middle class is disappearing, our future is uncertain and millions of Americans are feeling anxious and almost desperate. 

In times like these there is always a portion of the population that mobilizes toward violence. That segment, traditionally, is xenophobic, racist, dim-witted, hateful and ultimately quite scary.

When you have a reality TV star turned presidential candidate stoking the fires of these hate groups, utilizing them for their anger and ability to induce fear, you have the rumblings of the beginning of fascism.

When fascism begins, it always begins here.

We are facing it. The Republicans and Democrats are using it to keep their power. Obama made it legal for the US government to indefinitely detain a US citizen on US soil without trial or even an explanation. NDAA 2012.

Obama has put more whistleblowers in jail under the espionage act than all other presidents put together.

He has set a dangerous precedent which may now be brought to its macabre conclusion by the extreme right wing in this nation.

30% of Americans will vote Republican, but only about 6% of Americans identify with the hate groups Donald Trump appeals to.

30% of Americans will vote Democrat, but only about 5% of them believe in the Democrat party.

40% of Americans will stay home on election day, discouraged by the terrible nature of their two choices.

Fascism is on the march, and it’s up to you to stop it. We are the silent majority and we better get noisy before it's too late. 

Vote independent, vote small money, vote your conscience and your best interest.

We can stop fascism before it’s too late.