Looking Forward - 2016 And Beyond

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.” --- Chinese Proverb

Our species sits at a precipice. We have advanced faster and further than anything we know of in this universe. We’ve gone from the stone age to the space age in the blink of an eye.

And now things are about to get tricky for us, as humans.

We are moving through the adolescence of mankind. From the primitive consciousness of beings who didn’t know that sex created babies or how to grow crops just a few thousand years ago, we have developed a massive reach in terms of information and technical ability. But we have not developed a new mode of thinking.

Our economics is still bogged down in the primitive capitalism vs. communism debate. Our philosophy hung itself on existentialism and now does little more than rehash classic works by the long dead masters. Our moral decisions are uprooted and baseless in the face of mounting evidence that organized religious thinking is nonsensical at best, poisonous at worst. And our humanism has been relinquished in the face of a sophist's delirium built on our narcissistic anxiety.

We have great fear that has come with our new knowledge, and thus far we have no capacity to assuage that fear.


This next century will define mankind for all time.

Instead of looking to the next news cycle or the next month or the next quarter or the next fiscal year, we must begin to plan for the next century and beyond.

What will we do with this time? 

Will we succumb to the nastiness of the worst among us and live in perpetual war, eventually blowing ourselves up with nuclear weapons?

Will we allow the greediest among us to maintain this wayward trajectory, keeping fossil fuels too cheap not to burn and creating mountains of garbage in our disposable economy, ruining our planet for all future generations?

Will we follow the ideologues who long for the end of times and sentence our children to death so that we may experience the hope of eternal life?

Or will we find rationality, moral fortitude and strength enough to persevere, to push our species forward and make room on this beautiful pale blue dot for our great great grand children?

This is the question of the day: How long will the rational and good intentioned majority allow the weak minded and offensive minority to steer our ship on this collision course?

For... we don’t have much longer.

This is the time when our species will make its choice. This is the time for the good hearted, for the clear minded, for the strong willed among us to begin the fight.

This is the time that will define the next five thousand years of human experience.

This is why I am running for Congress. We can't let corruption, fear or tall tasks stand between us and the future of our species.

Our Republic, this United States, holds great potential. We must elect new leadership so that we may realize that potential.

Join us.