Die-Hard Clinton Fans: Learn From Your Mistakes


Clinton and Trump - Perfectly Matched


Here is a hard truth for many fans and followers of the Dem Party: Die-hard Clinton fans are as much to blame for the election of this reality TV star president as the most rabid of the Trump supporters.

You tried to shove a terrible candidate down everyone's throats and it didn't work. It was never going to work. 

There was this malformed idea being pushed by the hard-core fans of the Dems and the Clintonites: criticizing Clinton, admitting even the smallest degree of corruption or hypocrisy, was the equivalent of actively helping to elect Trump.

That’s what many of the most pro-Clinton folks were saying.

Someone would mention the private email server. “Nonsense!” they would yell.

Someone would mention the rigged primary. “Sore loser and liars!” they would yell.

Someone would mention the millions of dollars in donations to her foundation while she was secretary of state. “You’re crazy! There is NO CORRUPTION there!”

Someone would mention the super-predators remark, Clinton's anti-gay marriage stance, flip-flopping on health care, or her firm embrace of the crooked oligarchy. “You’re so stupid! You must love Trump, isn’t that right!?! You love Trump and you hate America!”

That argument just didn't work. It didn't work then, and it sure won't work now. 


For most Americans, for many millions of Americans, Clinton was the epitome of corruption. She defined the broken political system. She seemed to have no real ideology, willing to say anything to any group for votes. She had self-indulgent cronies, she took big money and her lust for power was far too transparent.

Your insistence that Clinton was terrific was seen as nonsense. It undermined the rest of the Dem Party arguments. 

If you'd at least have said something like "Yes, she's got some serious problems and she's terribly flawed, but..." maybe people would have listened. 

If you'd grilled the super-delegates who delivered the nomination before the votes were cast, if you'd fought with the DNC bosses when they were rigging the primary, if you'd held the corrupt captors of the DNC accountable - perhaps millions of Americans wouldn't have looked at the Dem proceedings as such a sham! 

However it went differently, and many millions of Americans just couldn't pull the lever for such corruption, for the extreme continuation of the broken political system.

And you missed that.



While I’m no fan of the Dem Party and certainly think that Trump and Clinton were the two worst presidential candidates in the history of this great nation, I’m truly surprised to see the die-hard Clinton group still pushing the “There was nothing wrong Clinton and there's nothing wrong with the Dem Party!” nonsense.

It's a recipe for failure. 

You see, in this nation about 47% of Americans identify outside of the two parties. Almost half of all Americans think poorly enough of BOTH parties that they decline to be a part of either one, for any reason.

That leaves about 28% for the Dems and about 25% for the Republicans. And of those, untold millions of voters only register for one of those parties because they feel they have to, whether it’s to vote in the primaries or the lesser of two evils or however it goes.

Truly, then, the hard-core fans of the Dem Party are a minority in this nation. And they backed a candidate who was universally disliked to the degree that she lost to a born-rich, reality TV star who we’ve got on film saying he sexually assaults women!

If there is to be any real resistance to Trump from the Dem Party, it must come from the supporters of the Dems themselves.

Now is the time for critical assessment. The Dem Party bosses have made their decision: They’re going to stay the course.

They’ve kept Pelosi on as leader in the house, they’ve elevated Schumer in the Senate. Both Pelosi and Schumer are entirely corrupt, both represent the status quo, both are filled to the brim with everything most of America simply despises.

The Dem Party bosses want Podesta’s cronies back in charge of the DNC. The Dem Party elite want more rigged primaries and more corporate money and more ill-gotten power.

And still the fans of the Dem Party say things like “If you criticize the Dems you’re helping Trump!”

How many more elections do you want to lose? 


What you must realize is this: most of America doesn’t like the Blue Team.

Most of America doesn’t like the Red Team either.

Most of America is sick of both of them.

Most of America can see the corrosive corruption in many of the Dem leaders just as clearly as they can see it in the ridiculous Rep leaders. Most of America just doesn't believe you when you claim that there's "nothing wrong" with the Dem Party. Most of America tunes you out when you say "the only reason Trump won is because so many Americans are lazy and didn't even go out and vote!"

Most of America laughs when you shout "Russia!"  

You have just one year to get your house in order. Now is the time to find a critical voice. Now is the time to oust your corrupt party bosses. Now is the time to take the money-grabbing hustlers to task.

The next election is less than two years away, and if you allow the Dem Party elite to stay the course: It’s going to be another bad November for the Blue Team.