I Will Fight Republicans Better Than Any Establishment Democrat

Powerful Republicans pose a serious threat to our economy, to our values, and to our nation. 

But we can't trust powerful Democrats to tackle this threat with any seriousness. The truth is that the powerful Dems have much more in common with the powerful Republicans than any of them have in common with us! Republicans and Democrats in Congress take big donations from wealthy investors, they protect the 0.01% from taxes, they cater to Wall Street, they expand defense spending, and they raise our taxes for the benefit of their investors. 

We can't count on any of the powerful Democrats to help us tear down a system which has given them so much money and power.

Powerful politicians pretend they are fighting an ideological war with one another, but it's just pretend.  Their game is much more similar to a WWE match in that the moves are already calculated, the ground rules are designed and everyone plays along to get along. They're all making money from the spectacle, and they work to convince the people that it's a serious battle.  

As a progressive, as a regular American, and as someone who refuses to play their game: I will do a better job of fighting Republicans in Congress than my opponent, Nancy Pelosi, can ever do. She goes to make money, to enjoy having power and play her part in the soap opera that is our current political system. I go to shake things up. 

Of course it won't be easy. They expect assimilation. The powerful in Congress expect new members to become a part of the bribery and wretchedness that currently consumes our House of Representatives. If you don't pretend to fight, if you go after them, if you try to really change things - the power elite will unite against you. 

I will be more effective in fighting the Republicans than any establishment Democrat because I'm not interested in playing along to get along. I have no interest in getting ahead. I have no desire to be friends or to go to the fancy dinners or to be invited to meet with their wealthy donors. I won't follow the script and pretend. I will engage. I will pursue. I go to Congress to fight on behalf of the American people.

I believe my job is to root out corruption, to expose the treacherous behavior of the power elite and to bring a level of dignity and responsibility to the American people that is currently missing from our legislative branch.

We must  realize that no amount of pleading or asking or playing nice is going to convince folks who are making a lot of money and have accumulated a huge amount of power in this system to change their ways.

And that's why I say it's a fight. We cannot reason with those who feel no moral obligation. We cannot have deliberate discussions with those who feel no sense of justice. We cannot have an agreement about entitlement with those who feel entitled to everything.

For us to take back our Congress we must remember that it will require bold moves and an aggressive orientation. Let us not get lost in the tangled web of the powerful Republican and Democrat parties.

Enough is enough.  

Let's get in a fight with corruption.