The Environment

So, we’re wrecking the place. It’s obvious.

We burn too much fuel and we create too much waste and we need radical change to the way our species does business if we want to have a planet that is at all inhabitable for our grandchildren.

97% of Scientists agree that climate change is caused by human activity. And this climate change is going to have a massive impact on every aspect of human life, from our health, to our economics, to our security as a people.

But you can make a lot of money saying that climate change isn’t real. Just like you can make a lot of money saying ‘trickle-down’ economics works. That easy money all comes from the same place: Billionaires.

Billionaires making money in the ‘dirty industries’ spend hundreds of millions of dollars funding climate-denial. They do this to protect their profits and their massive fortunes. They do this at the expense of humanity, and whether they do this out of ignorance, hatefulness, or plain psychosis – they are spreading lies about our future for profit. 

In our government it’s much the same. The billionaires and the oil corporations buy up enough Congresspeople to block bills that would save our planet at the expense of their fortunes. The only thing more disturbing than a billionaire destroying the planet to increase his fortune is a Congressperson taking a big bribe/donation to pass bills that let the destruction continue.

And this is something that we can change.

Congress has great power in this nation and should function as a direct arm of the American people. But money has ruined it for everyone. With billionaires funding the vast majority of elections, Congress is going to respond to the needs of the super-wealthy first and everyone else second.

If we stop the flow of big money into the pockets of our Congresspeople, we can put an end to climate change denial in the US House and Senate. Unburdened from the corrupt politicians and the billionaires' money, we might pass some laws regulating the dirty industries before it’s too late.

If it’s not too late already.

Move now!

  • Ban Fracking
  • Cut Carbon Emissions
  • Invest in Clean Energy
  • Stop the Pipelines
  • Kick Fossil Fuel Lobbyists out of DC
  • End the Fossil Fuel Subsidies
  • Bring to Light the Funding of Climate Change Deniers
  • Save the Planet