It's An Exciting Time!

For only the third time in Congresswoman Pelosi’s 27 years as an establishment politician she will face a progressive as her top competition in the November election.

Since taking office in a contentious win over Harry Britt in 1987, Congresswoman Pelosi has faced a Republican candidate in every one of her nearly 20 elections except once – when she was challenged by Anti-War activist Cindy Sheehan in 2008. 

In California’s 12th Congressional District, which is entirely within San Francisco County, there are 418,000 registered voters: 246,000 Democrat and 126,000 No Party Preference (Independent) with another 7,000 American Indpendent and 4,000 registered Green Party. No Party Preference voters break toward progressives 4 out of 5 which means that California’s 12th District is almost 85% progressive.

Put another way: A Republican will never win the seat.

Preston is more progressive than Pelosi. Pelosi is more powerful than Preston.

We will have a real race on our hands come November. You will see the traditional establishment politics at work: Pelosi will ignore Picus. Perhaps her campaign will sue his campaign as often happens with powerful establishment politicians. The corporate Democratic leadership will shout about Trump and Republicans and ignore the real problems at the core of their broken machine.

Picus will run an popular and vibrant campaign. He will force conversations about policy, about civil rights, about progressive values. He will bring a powerful voice to a conversation we haven’t had in more than 10 years. He vows to fight for the reform we so desperately need.

In the end, the voters will choose how much of this conversation they want to have. Supporting Picus is supporting a challenge to the status quo. Ignoring Picus is accepting the crushing defeat of a Congress that is bad for Americans. 

Preston believes it’s time to take back our House. 

Are you with us?