Wealth Inequality And Corruption

Wealth inequality is a massive problem.

It threatens the very existence of our nation, and yet, Congress seems unable to reverse the tide. 

The truth: Congress and especially leaders in Congress, work every day to make things worse. 

Our representatives spend an inordinate amount of time catering to the wealthiest 0.01% for their big donations. Lead by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Paul Ryan, establishment politicians do all they can for their wealthy investors. 

Leaders in Congress make rules for their donors, they kill bills for them, they let them draft legislation, they sit them at the table for the important discussions, they even lie and steal for them.

And the result: Congress is destroying our economy and ruining our nation’s future.

Pelosi may say that she’s interested in getting money out of politics, or that she’s interested in easing wealth inequality. But how can we believe these claims when her power is generated by raising money from wealthy investors?

Even Donald Trump claims he’s going to do something about wealth inequality, but we don't take him seriously. 

We don’t have the luxury of ‘trusting’ super-wealthy politicians like Pelosi and Trump and their billionaire friends.

We need real leaders who aren’t directly connected to the 0.01%. We need real public servants, not rhetoric.

We need a new Congress.

I’ve never accepted big money, our campaign doesn’t have secret meetings with millionaires. When I tell you that I’m going to fight to make Congress work for the people and not the super-rich – You know I mean it.

When I’m elected to Congress I will bring our struggle to the very place where we must win. I will work to stop the back-door deals, to expose the corruption, to investigate the bills that don’t make it to the floor for a vote, to draft legislation creating a barrier between the rich and our representatives

I will hold ground in committee and demand answers to our most pressing questions.

I will hold Congress accountable from the inside and help get rid of the most corrupt.

Nearly every economist agrees: The corrupting influence of big money on our Congress is one of the most prominent drivers of increasing wealth inequality. And increasing wealth inequality is destroying our nation. 

With your support, I will fight this corruption and destruction.

Together we can turn the tide. Join us.