The Case Against Nancy Pelosi

We won in the primary. So did Pelosi. Now it's just Pelosi and Picus in the general election. No Republican, no other 'spoilers' for Nov. 8th. People are starting to get very excited - we're bringing the progressive revolution to Congress. 

We got an email from a Republican the other day asking, “What do liberals have against Pelosi? I thought she was one of your favorites.” 

And while it is true that Congresswoman Pelosi has a relatively ‘liberal’ voting record, she isn’t a progressive and she doesn’t represent the average American. With respect to the accomplishments of Congresswoman Pelosi, allow me to outline our argument for voting her out of office. 

1: Congresswoman Pelosi defines establishment. The last decent interview she gave was with John Stewart, who confronted Pelosi about the role of money in politics. Her answer: Money doesn’t affect Democrats. Just Republicans. The audience, Stewart, and America cringed. 

2: She is one of the biggest conduits for big money reaching into politics in US History.  In 2014 she raised more than $100,000,000 for politicians and since 2002 it’s reported that she’s raised close to $750,000,000 from big money interests to give to elected representatives. We know money is the problem, and though she 'says' she wants to get money out of politics, she’s powerful because of money in politics.

3: She burned millions of Bernie Sanders supporters. After months of pretending to be neutral in the presidential election, Pelosi endorsed Clinton at 6am on June 7th – an hour before polls opened in California. It was a bit strange and disingenuous. Playing this kind of political game, while effective, signals a lack of interest in the needs of the voters of San Francisco.  

4: There are accusations of insider trading. A lot of them. 60 Minutes did a piece on her in 2011. While it isn’t technically illegal for Pelosi to make money off of the information she gets as a powerful Congressperson, people should wonder how many bills she’s killed for personal profit. She's worth almost $100,000,000 personally, and after 30 years in office we should wonder where all of that wealth came from. 

5: Pelosi believes she’s above the Democratic process. During a recent discussion with the California delegates at the Democratic National Convention, Congresswoman Pelosi was asked if she will meet her opponent, Preston Picus, in a debate. Her answer: I don’t debate. I never have and I never will. Which is the same answer Debbie Wasserman Schultz has given to her opponent in the lead up to their Florida primary, and bears eerie resemblance to Trump’s recent comments on debating. Our campaign continues to extend an invitation - but we have been ignored. 

The truth: Pelosi does not represent our best interests. As an extremely wealthy Congresswoman who raises big money from her extremely wealthy friends to influence our representatives, Congresswoman Pelosi stands in opposition to those of us who don’t have millions of dollars.

In the last 30 years she has almost always faced a Republican in the November election. This year’s election represents the first time there won't be a Republican in the general election in a Pelosi Congressional race.

There’s only two candidates in the general election: Picus and Pelosi.  

With respect, it’s time to have a progressive that represents the 99%. It’s time to pick Picus for Congress.

Help us bring the progressive revolution to Congress!

"Don't pick me, PicUs."