Reform Policing - Join Project Zero

Police are killing American citizens at an alarming rate. People protesting police violence are met with police violence. People of color are far more likely to be killed by cops or put in jail. Our society sits at a precipice. Only sweeping reform can save us.

Today I write to endorse what is called Campaign Zero which you can learn about here. In its current form there are ten points to the plan, of which I support every single one.  

  1. End Broken Windows Policing
  2. Community Oversight
  3. Limit the Use of Force
  4. Independently Investigate and Prosecute
  5. Community Representation
  6. Body Cams/Film the Police
  7. Training
  8. End For-Profit Policing
  9. Demilitarization of the Police Force
  10. Fair Police Union Contracts

I recommend joining this campaign in their efforts to transform our broken, violent system. Citizens should not live in fear of government soldiers. It is unconstitutional. It is immoral.