Die-Hard Clinton Fans: Learn From Your Mistakes


Clinton and Trump - Perfectly Matched


Here is a hard truth for many fans and followers of the Dem Party: Die-hard Clinton fans are as much to blame for the election of this reality TV star president as the most rabid of the Trump supporters.

You tried to shove a terrible candidate down everyone's throats and it didn't work. It was never going to work. 

There was this malformed idea being pushed by the hard-core fans of the Dems and the Clintonites: criticizing Clinton, admitting even the smallest degree of corruption or hypocrisy, was the equivalent of actively helping to elect Trump.

That’s what many of the most pro-Clinton folks were saying.

Someone would mention the private email server. “Nonsense!” they would yell.

Someone would mention the rigged primary. “Sore loser and liars!” they would yell.

Someone would mention the millions of dollars in donations to her foundation while she was secretary of state. “You’re crazy! There is NO CORRUPTION there!”

Someone would mention the super-predators remark, Clinton's anti-gay marriage stance, flip-flopping on health care, or her firm embrace of the crooked oligarchy. “You’re so stupid! You must love Trump, isn’t that right!?! You love Trump and you hate America!”

That argument just didn't work. It didn't work then, and it sure won't work now. 


For most Americans, for many millions of Americans, Clinton was the epitome of corruption. She defined the broken political system. She seemed to have no real ideology, willing to say anything to any group for votes. She had self-indulgent cronies, she took big money and her lust for power was far too transparent.

Your insistence that Clinton was terrific was seen as nonsense. It undermined the rest of the Dem Party arguments. 

If you'd at least have said something like "Yes, she's got some serious problems and she's terribly flawed, but..." maybe people would have listened. 

If you'd grilled the super-delegates who delivered the nomination before the votes were cast, if you'd fought with the DNC bosses when they were rigging the primary, if you'd held the corrupt captors of the DNC accountable - perhaps millions of Americans wouldn't have looked at the Dem proceedings as such a sham! 

However it went differently, and many millions of Americans just couldn't pull the lever for such corruption, for the extreme continuation of the broken political system.

And you missed that.



While I’m no fan of the Dem Party and certainly think that Trump and Clinton were the two worst presidential candidates in the history of this great nation, I’m truly surprised to see the die-hard Clinton group still pushing the “There was nothing wrong Clinton and there's nothing wrong with the Dem Party!” nonsense.

It's a recipe for failure. 

You see, in this nation about 47% of Americans identify outside of the two parties. Almost half of all Americans think poorly enough of BOTH parties that they decline to be a part of either one, for any reason.

That leaves about 28% for the Dems and about 25% for the Republicans. And of those, untold millions of voters only register for one of those parties because they feel they have to, whether it’s to vote in the primaries or the lesser of two evils or however it goes.

Truly, then, the hard-core fans of the Dem Party are a minority in this nation. And they backed a candidate who was universally disliked to the degree that she lost to a born-rich, reality TV star who we’ve got on film saying he sexually assaults women!

If there is to be any real resistance to Trump from the Dem Party, it must come from the supporters of the Dems themselves.

Now is the time for critical assessment. The Dem Party bosses have made their decision: They’re going to stay the course.

They’ve kept Pelosi on as leader in the house, they’ve elevated Schumer in the Senate. Both Pelosi and Schumer are entirely corrupt, both represent the status quo, both are filled to the brim with everything most of America simply despises.

The Dem Party bosses want Podesta’s cronies back in charge of the DNC. The Dem Party elite want more rigged primaries and more corporate money and more ill-gotten power.

And still the fans of the Dem Party say things like “If you criticize the Dems you’re helping Trump!”

How many more elections do you want to lose? 


What you must realize is this: most of America doesn’t like the Blue Team.

Most of America doesn’t like the Red Team either.

Most of America is sick of both of them.

Most of America can see the corrosive corruption in many of the Dem leaders just as clearly as they can see it in the ridiculous Rep leaders. Most of America just doesn't believe you when you claim that there's "nothing wrong" with the Dem Party. Most of America tunes you out when you say "the only reason Trump won is because so many Americans are lazy and didn't even go out and vote!"

Most of America laughs when you shout "Russia!"  

You have just one year to get your house in order. Now is the time to find a critical voice. Now is the time to oust your corrupt party bosses. Now is the time to take the money-grabbing hustlers to task.

The next election is less than two years away, and if you allow the Dem Party elite to stay the course: It’s going to be another bad November for the Blue Team. 



The Case Against Nancy Pelosi

The Case Against Nancy Pelosi

We won in the primary. So did Pelosi. Now it's just Pelosi and Picus in the general election. No Republican, no other 'spoilers' for Nov. 8th. People are starting to get very excited - we're bringing the progressive revolution to Congress. 

We got an email from a Republican the other day asking, “What do liberals have against Pelosi? I thought she was one of your favorites.” 

And while it is true that Congresswoman Pelosi has a relatively ‘liberal’ voting record, she isn’t a progressive and she doesn’t represent the average American. With respect to the accomplishments of Congresswoman Pelosi, allow me to outline our argument for voting her out of office. 


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The Environment

The Environment

So, we’re wrecking the place. It’s obvious.

We burn too much fuel and we create too much waste and we need radical change to the way our species does business if we want to have a planet that is at all inhabitable for our grandchildren.

97% of Scientists agree that climate change is caused by human activity. And this climate change is going to have a massive impact on every aspect of human life, from our health, to our economics, to our security as a people.

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Let's Talk About The TPP

With Clinton’s VP selection of Tim Kaine, a man who favors big giveaways to the bankers that destroy this nation and who gives full-throated support to the TPP, this post is especially important today.

TPP stands for Trans Pacific Partnership. It’s bad. If you don’t know what it is, or haven’t heard of it, here is a quick explainer. Essentially, the TPP is a secretive agreement between 11 nations designed by multi-national corporations and their government lackeys to make it easier for powerful private interests to make money off of regular citizens.

To help the big money flow to the wealthy and powerful, the TPP incentivizes slave labor, threatens lawsuits over sound environmental regulations, and fights to give powerful corporations monopolies and increased power over the other 99.99% of people. It essentially breaks the bond of democracy in favor of profit. 

Robert Reich explains why the TPP is “a trojan horse in a global race to the bottom."

Certainly NAFTA has proved to be a disaster for American workers, and experts are calling the TPP ‘NAFTA on steroids,’ so you might start to wonder: Are all trade agreements bad?

The short answer: Yes, but they don’t have to be.

Trade agreements are supposed to be vehicles for nations to negotiate tariffs (tax on imported goods), trade and investment policy and a wide range of business interactions. 

You could have a trade agreement that puts big taxes on goods imported from countries that have slave labor. That would incentivize that country to improve labor standards and deter corporations from exploiting workers. But we don't have those. Instead, trade agreements like the TPP make it easier for companies to capitalize off of bad working conditions and profit from human rights violations. 

You could have a trade agreement that calls for fines for nations deliberately polluting and destroying the environment. But we don’t. Instead the TPP will give countries the power to sue governments for trying to regulate pollution and depletion of natural resources.

You could have trade agreements that expand trade while improving the lives of working families. But you don’t. Instead TPP aims to make medicine more expensive, punish whistleblowers who reveal bad deeds done by big corporations, and reduce the power of 99.99% of people to stand up to the destruction.

The problem here is that the folks at the negotiating table don't represent US, the people. Our own representatives, our own Congress and elected officials should be a counterweight to the corporations and their lawyers in these negotiations. There should be a voice for the 99.99% of us in this process. But there isn't. 

My opponent in the November election, Congresswoman Pelosi, has gone back and forth on TPP in recent years, along with Clinton and many believe that the Corporate Democrats plan to push the TPP through during the lame-duck session in Congress (after the Nov. election but before the new Congress starts hanging around DC). 

Passing the TPP is not in the best interest of our citizens, but Congresspeople, controlled by big money they get from super-wealthy interests, aren't stepping up to fight for good trade agreements. 

The question is: Will we let them get away with it? 

Help elevate the discussion. Let's fight for a better deal.

Sanders May Endorse Clinton - I Don't.

Sanders May Endorse Clinton - I Don't.

Today is a hard day for the progressive revolution. One of the most important leaders of our movement has made the decision to endorse Hilary Clinton for President ahead of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

What Senator Sanders hopes to gain from this is hard to understand. Perhaps he feels that the progressive agenda is better served in his attempt to unify a broken party. Perhaps he has come to believe that Secretary Clinton will be a good president. Perhaps he, like so many other Americans, is simply terrified by the specter of a Trump presidency. It is hard to say.

All I can say is that I cannot in good faith follow Bernie down this terrible path.

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Reform Policing - Join Project Zero

Police are killing American citizens at an alarming rate. People protesting police violence are met with police violence. People of color are far more likely to be killed by cops or put in jail. Our society sits at a precipice. Only sweeping reform can save us.

Today I write to endorse what is called Campaign Zero which you can learn about here. In its current form there are ten points to the plan, of which I support every single one.  

  1. End Broken Windows Policing
  2. Community Oversight
  3. Limit the Use of Force
  4. Independently Investigate and Prosecute
  5. Community Representation
  6. Body Cams/Film the Police
  7. Training
  8. End For-Profit Policing
  9. Demilitarization of the Police Force
  10. Fair Police Union Contracts

I recommend joining this campaign in their efforts to transform our broken, violent system. Citizens should not live in fear of government soldiers. It is unconstitutional. It is immoral. 

It's An Exciting Time!

It's An Exciting Time!

For only the third time in Congresswoman Pelosi’s 27 years as an establishment politician she will face a progressive as her top competition in the November election.

Since taking office in a contentious win over Harry Britt in 1987, Congresswoman Pelosi has faced a Republican candidate in every one of her nearly 20 elections except once – when she was challenged by Anti-War activist Cindy Sheehan in 2008. 

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Redefining The American Dream

Redefining The American Dream

The American Dream, once a reality, is slowly fading into a distant memory. Rising inequality is undermining core American values such as the principle that all people are created equal.

Since the 1970’s the middle class has seen its income and wealth dwindle. According to Joseph Stiglitz, over 90% of new income growth flows towards the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. Large-scale corporations have driven this wedge between the wealthy and the middle class.

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The Right Wing Attack On Education Is Worse Than You Think

It seemed obvious: By offering some new kind of ‘silver bullet’ and being pushy and sort of obnoxious, the right wing education reform movement tries to capture the funds typically allotted for public education of our students. This is a terrible thing to do, and so the right wing education reformers cloak their profit-based position in language that made it seem more like they cared about children generally. 

What I've learned is that the folks who fund the right wing reform movement aren't just after capturing education funds for profit. They're much more interested in pushing a fringe, right wing agenda on our youth. 

No wonder Wal-Mart and the Koch brothers fund so many of them



According to Jane Mayer, in her brilliant new book Dark Money, these fake reformers are funded for a much more insidious purpose than just stealing money from our children. The fact is that a small handful of billionaires are out to to brainwash students into believing that the best system of government gives total power and total dominion to the tiniest super wealthy 0.01%.

Without indoctrination, a person might naturally believe that they should have a voice in our democracy. So now the goal of these billionaires (most of whom inherited their fortunes from their parents), is to convince school aged children to believe that they benefit greatly from the absolute elimination of restrictions on those who make more than $10,000,000 per year.

A war is being waged on our children, and it is being waged by those who have more money and more power than any one of us could know how to use.

Using their massive fortunes, a handful of extremely wealthy, extremely powerful, and extremely greedy folks are paying for graduate programs, secondary education programs, and so-called 'education reforms' through tax-exempt charitable foundations. Seventy years ago charitable foundations served to provide charity. Today they are massive, powerful, ideologically driven machines provoking a lopsided battle over so-called 'free-market' ideas with the explicit purpose of lowering the taxes and preventing regulation of the powerful companies and billionaires who fund them.

Look: the free market gives billionaires a throne. Our equal democracy is supposed to give some power back to the people.

For decades, according to Ms. Mayer, billionaires have been spending big money trying to convince folks that deregulation isn't just unlimited freedom for billionaires, but somehow also good for the rest of us. And they've succeeded in a way people wouldn't have believed just 40 years ago!

And now, it turns out, they are using their power to brainwash our children into believing the incredible falsehoods on which the right wing agenda is built. They attack teachers, they attack the middle class, they attack our very way of life and they do it under the pretense of 'making things better.' 

It's a bad trick.

We must stand with teachers, and one another. We must stand against the insatiable greed of the 0.01%.

We must take back our government and stop the indoctrination.


Two excerpts from Dark Money: 

--- At the Bradley Foundation, (Michael) Joyce had a freer hand. “He basically invented the field of modern conservative philanthropy,” according to Piereson. During the next fifteen years, the Bradley Foundation would give away $280 million to his favorite conservative causes. It was small in comparison with older research foundations like the Ford Foundation, but unlike Ford, under Joyce’s direction Bradley regarded itself as a righteous combatant in an ideological war, giving it a single-minded focus. At least two-thirds of its grants, according to one analysis, financed conservative intellectual activity. It paid for some six hundred graduate and postgraduate fellowships, right-wing think tanks, conservative journals, activists fighting Communism abroad, and its own publishing house, Encounter Books. Continuing the strategic emphasis on prestigious schools, the foundation gave both Harvard and Yale $5.5 million during its first decade under Joyce’s management. It was an activist force on the secondary-school level, too. The Bradley Foundation virtually drove the early national “school choice” movement, waging an all-out assault on teachers’ unions and traditional public schools. In an effort to “wean” Americans from government, the foundation militated for parents to be able to use public funds to send their children to private and parochial schools.

--- As for gaining adherents, Charles (Koch) suggested, their best bet was to focus on “attracting youth” because “this is the only group that is open to a radically different social philosophy.” He would act on this belief in years to come by funneling millions of dollars into educational indoctrination, with free-market curricula and even video games promoting his ideology pitched to prospects as young as grade school.