Meet Preston Picus

Preston has been a public high school teacher for the last nine years, having left a successful career in marketing in 2006 to work full time as a public servant. His interest in education began while working weekends and evenings at a group home for children in crisis. He has written three books: two works of fiction and his latest, a short book on campaign finance reform called Send Our Reps to Rehab. Preston works in economics, psychology, philosophy and physics and speaks on the necessity of improving the way humans do business.

At the heart of his political efforts is this belief: as humans improve their technology and thus their capacity for consumption and violence, we must ensure that our systems and ideologies evolve to reflect our new capacities. To this end he lectures on the relationship between philosophy and physics, including a talk he delivered at UCLA in 2009.

Preston is a Columbia University graduate, avid surfer, and a wrestling and football coach. In 2014 he married his wife Abbey and they welcomed their daughter Penelope in October of 2015. After doing his duty as representative for California’s 12th district for no more than 8 years, Preston plans to spend the rest of his life as an educator in the Bay Area.